How can Painsolvers help you manage pain? We treat a broad range of conditions in our clinics, but we specialize in personal injury cases, including work-related injuries. We’re equipped to review your concerns and answer all your questions about your medical condition.

Worried about the insurance ramifications and legal aspects of your case? Let us apply our intensive training and extensive network of specialists and professionals to meet your needs. Dr. Sandhu’s knowledge of pain syndromes and treatment—and experience with the legal system pertaining to injuries—can help speed you to recovery.

In addition, Dr. Sandhu may be the only pain management physician who is also a mechanic. His knowledge may be indispensable in accident reconstruction and when expert medical testimony is required.

Recently had an accident? You can prevent many of the effects of injury if you receive proper care promptly. Make an appointment with Painsolvers immediately so that we can detect any apparent or underlying problems you may be facing. In many cases, symptoms may not appear until days or even weeks after the accident.

On the day you arrive at Painsolvers, we’ll give you the care you need. We’ll also refer you immediately to any appropriate specialists. We will always do our best to see that your body is healing properly—but it is critical for you to seek treatment as soon as possible for symptoms from a personal injury. For information about specific types of injuries, read on.

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Neck Pain and Whiplash

There are many causes of neck pain, including muscle and ligament strains, poor posture, whiplash, poor physical conditioning, sleeping with poor neck support, or even preexisting conditions such as arthritis. Depending on your type of neck pain, you may also experience problems in the upper back, shoulders, arms and hands. We can determine what type of neck condition you have, and we can proceed immediately to give you relief from your pain.

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